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Trade with spreads as low as 1 pip from the Dealing Rates Table or directly from the charts. You can set alerts, place conditional orders, and watch your account Equity grow in real-time.


Take advantage of a wide selection of currency, index, and commodity products as well as mobile trading access.


  • Tight spreads, as low as 1 pip in major currencies
  • Zero commissions and no hidden fees
  • Low margin requirements, as little as 0.25%
  • Secure and reliable trading software
  • Free real-time charts and analysis


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Prices from the "Dealing Rates" windows are constantly updating and can be clicked on at any time to place a trade.  This full-featured trading platform also provides real-time account balance, P&L, and margin information, and real-time charts and news.  Recent enhancements include the ability to "hedge" (enter opposite positions in the same currency without offsetting or using additional margin).  




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