ICTS & CFD/Share Video Tutorials

Click on any topic below to view video tutorials on how to use ICTS Forex and Share / CFD Trading software:


Account Information Bar   4Mb - 1:36mins
Creating Conditional Orders   3Mb - 2:22mins
Tabbed Windows   4Mb - 2:47mins
Instrument Subscription   12Mb - 4:22mins
Setting your Time Zone   1Mb - 1:18 mins

Using the Charts

Chart Toolbar Overview   5Mb - 2:38mins
Manipulating the Chart View   4Mb - 4:04mins
Copy, Paste, and Link Chart Objects   4Mb - 4:32mins
Save Charts and Chart Templates   3Mb - 3:13mins
Trend Line Alerts   2Mb - 1:44mins
Chart Sidebar   5Mb - 1:47mins
Managing Multiple Positions and Orders in the Chart Window   1Mb - 2:17mins

Trading from Charts

Opening and Closing Positions   3Mb - 2:18mins
Entry Orders   2Mb - 2:42mins
Stops and Limits on Open Positions   2Mb - 3:01mins