GCI offers security of client funds, superior dealing services, and convenient account administration.  The following information has been compiled to answer most questions regarding opening and administering an account with GCI:

Opening an Account

A single account application allows you to open one or or more of the following accounts:

Once your account application is received and approved, you will receive an e-mail from GCI with wiring instructions and further information. 

Once your funds have been received, you will receive a second e-mail from GCI with your online Login and account information.

Click Here to open an account online. You will be able to select which account type you wish to open on the application form.

Withdrawing Funds

Full or partial withdrawals can be made from your account at any time by sending in a withdrawal form.  Withdrawals forms are processed within two business days and funds are sent to your designated bank via wire transfer.

GCI does not make third party payments, so all withdrawals must be sent to the account holder.  Forms for withdrawing funds are located here.

Trading and Managing Your GCI Account

Trading is done primarily via GCI's online trading system.  All Live clients are provided with a 24 hour telephone line to the dealing desk, but we encourage clients to use this only if they cannot trade on the online system for technical or other reasons.

Live clients are also provided with an e-mail address for our dealing desk if they have any trading related questions or comments.

Back office statements for your account can be obtained in real-time, at any time by selecting "Reports" from the "File" menu of your trading platform.

All clients should make sure that they have traded on a free GCI demo account to ensure that they know how to use the trading software and are familiar with GCI's trading conventions. The User Manual ("Help", "User Manual" from the trading platform menu) should also be reviewed to answer any general usage questions.

Margin requirements, tick values, trading hours, contract sizes, and other parameters can be obtained from the relevant pages in this website, or from trading on the demo platform, or by asking questions via e-mail. We encourage all clients to be as fully informed and prepared as possible before they begin live trading.

Please contact GCI at any time for assistance at [email protected]. We believe that we have an outstanding online trading service and we look forward to the opportunity to work with each and every client.