1. Download the account forms by clicking on the icon below

    (Adobe Acrobat Reader Required.  Get it free here):


    These forms can also be faxed or mailed to you upon request.

  2. Print the account forms and complete pages 1, 7, and 11.  Institutional clients include pages 8 and 9. The same account forms are used for both Standard and Mini accounts, just check off the desired account type on page 1.
  3. Individual accounts must include a copy of one form of identification.  Corporate Accounts must include articles of incorporation, a signed corporate resolution, and a copy of one form of identification for the ultimate beneficial owners.
  4. The signed pages and documentation can be faxed to GCI at +1 800 614 4707, or to any of the alternate fax numbers listed here.
  5. Fund your account via wire transfer, major credit card, or Moneybookers. GCI will send you detailed instructions via e-mail as soon as your account application is processed.
  6. Contact GCI via e-mail to inform us that the funds and account forms have been sent.
  7. The trading software used for demo trading is the same platform used for Live trading.  If you have not already downloaded it, please do so by logging into a demo account here.  It will automatically install upon your initial login if it is not already on your computer.  Once your account application and funds have been received, you will be sent a Live trading password for the software, complete instructions,  and the dealing telephone number for our 24 hour trading desk.

Please contact GCI at any time for assistance at + 1 800 604 2457; or via e-mail at [email protected]