GCI values customer feedback as we constantly try to improve and grow with our customer base.   Please share with us any suggestions, complaints, requests, or other comments that you may have.  All feedback submissions will be reviewed by GCI management:

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Real Feedback from GCI Clients

While negative feedback can be valuable for identifying areas for improvement, over 90% of GCI clients give us positive feedback.  The below is just a sample of actual quotes from real GCI customers:

"Thanks for the care.   I love GCI Trading services." - Flevos A; 22-May-2015

"Want to thank GCI for always giving a great service at any time of the day, it's 3.30am here. Thank you to Gabriela today for her patience and answering each question I threw at her, and they weren't simple ones. Thanks again, happy trading! " -  Wayne C; 21-Apr-2015

"The best trading conditions in the industry. Thank you for all the professional cooperation for the past 10 years, it has been my best endeavor!" - Aleks G; 14-October-2014

"Good company, very satisfied." - Keith K; 24-September-2014

"The most user friendly organization of all, very satisfied." - Muhammad T; 24-September-2014

"GCI's services are good and the team is to congratulate." - Kouame E; 23-September-2014

"Spreads have greatly improved, very satisfied." - Wolfgang E; 23-September-2014

"Congratulation for wining "Best Introducing Broker Program."  We are always in favour of you.  Keep it up."
- Keshari B; 22-September-2014

"Great experience." - Haitham Z; 1-August-2014

"Excellent service.  Markus is a great person to deal with." - Ashraf S; 20-July-2014

"Highly satsified." - Anwarul C; 3-February-2014 

"Very happy with GCI's service." - Karin W; 19-June-2014

"Excellent Service." - Evgenij V; 6-May-2014

"Very professional service." - Oliver F.; 18-September-2013

"Nice service." - Njuguna K; 1-August-2013

"Good service" - Sammy S; 3-June-2014

"Very good service." - Dash L; 29-September-2013

"Good service." - Ronak B; 23-January-2014

"Satisfied so far.  Learning to trade." - Monty A; 9-December-2013

"Great service" - Lidia I; 19-May-2014

"Quick execution in MetaTrader helped me to get a good profit." - Vinit A; 26-July-2013

"Superb service." - Ralph M; 4-December-2013

"Excellent service." - Mujeeb W; 12-December-2013

"Good live chat operators." - Anthony C; 4-December-2013

"Great service, great team." - Angelo S; 27-June-2013

"Excellent service" - Ryan V; 19-March-2012

"I am very happy with GCI" - Alfons T; 19-March-2012

"I am very satisfied, especially with the mobile app for MetaTrader" - Alexander A; 26-March-2012

"Outstanding service" - Johannes S:  30-March-2012

"Great service" - Wayne C; 04-April-2012

"Happy with GCI" - Imran H; 07-January-2013

"Very happy with service" - Almatlan A; 11-Februaryl-2013

"Wonderful service" - Dina D; 9-April-2013

"GCI is the best broker.  I am very happy." - Mian A; 24-May-2013

"Perfect Service" - Cieslicki J; 24-May-2013