Expert Advisors, or "EAs", are trading programs that automatically place trades in your MetaTrader account based on certain rules.  GCI accepts all EAs and confidently provides the best EA execution in the industry.

ECN Execution for Scalping EAs

GCI can execute all your currency trades through our ECN (Electronic Communications Network) so each order is filled by a pool of banks.  GCI makes money only on trading volume and wants you to be profitable!

Automated trading with Expert Advisors
You can set your account transactions to be fully automated and traded with Expert Advisors ("EA") on MetaTrader. Superior performance and consistent results are among the possible benefits. Choose the EA you want to trade your account. Click here for more details.

Expert Advisor Hosting
Choose the EA you want and GCI will set it up on your MetaTrader account, hosted on our servers. You get 24/7 EA performance without having to be online. Contact GCI today for more details.

Write your own Expert Advisor
MetaEditor provides an ideal environment for fine-tuning your strategies before executing them in the real marketplace.

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